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Teeth Whitening, Cleaning, and Protection Products

We provide a variety of high-end products to assist you in maintaining good oral health. All our products come from some of the dental industry’s top names and are dentist recommended.

  • Water picks: remove food and help reduce bleeding and gum disease with our water picks. This stream of water helps cleaning the tight spaces in your teeth by reducing bacteria.
  • Oral B electric toothbrushes: for those with a limited range of motion, to encourage kids to brush their teeth, or for the tech-savvy. Adjust the speed and motion of your brush head to suit the sensitivity of your teeth. 
  • ZOOM take-home whitening kits: for those who want noticeable results fast from the comfort of their own home. Different sensitivity formulas are available for different needs. 
  • In-house whitening trays: equally effective as our take-home kits. If you prefer us to do the job for you, we can help you achieve a brighter smile.
  • Night guards: find yourself grinding your teeth at night? Protect your teeth and wake up without that sore jaw with a customized night guard for your mouth.
  • Sports guards: our sports guards absorb the shock from excessive force when you are playing contact sports. Customized to your teeth, keep them safe and fully intact.

Positive dental health is what you put into it. If you have any questions about what we offer at Dr. Paul Kin’s practice, give our office a call!

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